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Live Call Pro

Professional Inbound and Outbound Calls with Live Agents

Nothing can replace the sound of a friendly voice when a customer calls your business. A professional and tested process ensures you maximize every opportunity. Dedicated agents follow proven data driven scripts making sure every phone up is handled properly as we nurture them through the sales funnel. We have perfected the process of getting the customer off the couch and into your dealership. We specialize in answering the phones for Direct Mail campaigns. Car Dealers, Ad Agencies, Printers, and Direct Mail companies choose Live Call Pro to answer calls for their Direct Mail campaigns.


Track your mail through the USPS. Capture leads through our IVR, landing pages, and text messaging. Integrate with our live call center and push leads into your CRM. Increase show rates with appointment reminders. Know who showed up at the dealership with our IOS/Android check in App. Append additional data attributes automatically such as email, mobile, and other lifestyle insights. Everything you need to track and enhance your campaign.


Direct Data

Data is the foundation and in the DNA of everything we do. We understand the power of it and how to leverage it. We call it "data driven decision making". Sophisticated data analysis on the front end driving smarter allocation of advertising dollars which increases ROI and improves the bottom line. Data hygiene, data modeling, data appending, and data enhancement are part of our unique approach.

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