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A Chevrolet dealership in Louisiana was looking to generate a lot of floor traffic. They wanted to make a big impact and a lot of traffic while still being able to easily filter through leads to prioritize the HOTTEST ones.


We developed a plan that combined personalization, a compelling contest with multiple response mechanisms and layered lead scoring to make sure we could deliver what the customer requested.


We analyzed the dealer’s market and his top selling zip codes and used a “names only” list, clever techniques to get the best quality data while keeping postage low and true one-to-one marketing and personalization.


We chose one of our hundreds of proven and compliant themes. Because we test all of our products we knew this theme was a winner. As with all of our creative themes there is intense focus on standing out in the mailbox.

Digital Enhancement

Multi channel campaigns are proven to perform better than single channel campaigns. We appended emails and mobile numbers to the mailing list and deployed a matching email and ringless voicemail both pre event to bring awareness and post event to finish strong.

Call Center

Never miss another call. We have over 400 live call agents, specifically trained in the automotive industry. It makes a huge difference when you have a friendly voice setting appointments at a 70% rate.


The industry's leading lead tracking dashboard and analytics tracked the delivery of the mail, every lead and used advanced marketing automation to nurture the leads pre sale and post sale. Filter by credit score, in market score, ability to buy and several other options.

Lead Generation & Lead Scoring

We gave customers multiple options so they could respond the way they wanted.

Logon to a personalized web page.

Call in and get one of our live agents or just send a TEXT to respond.

Each response is appended with an In Market Score, Credit Score, email address and mobile number when available.

Prioritize your lead follow up on only the HOTTEST prospects.

Bottom Line

This 4 day event allowed this Louisiana Chevrolet dealer to double his monthly units sold.

85k Pieces of Mail
2.81% Response
2,386 Leads
2,342 Calls
36 Web Leads
1,470 Appointments
74 Trade Leads
70 In Market Leads
44 Credit Leads
41 Units Sold
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